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We are currently working on an application called SEATSY that will provide consumers with live information about the available seating areas at catering establishments in a certain area. 

This idea originated from a certain problem that we experienced, especially since the corona pandemic. When you spontaneously, meaning without making a reservation, want to go have a drink or a bite to eat in the city centre with a group of friends it can be quite difficult finding a catering establishment that has enough available seating areas left for you. Mainly on friday and saturday nights the first place you try, will probably be packed full already. Right now the only solution to that issue is to walk to the nearest catering establishment to see if there are any seats available there. We believe that there should be a better solution to this that is less time- and effort consuming. Hence the concept of SEATSY came into being and we started researching whether or not our target audience would seriously be interested in using this application. 

To make this idea more tangible, we have created a MVP (minimal viable product), which demonstrates the basics of this application. Scroll down to have a look!


The homepage shows various catering establishments in your area. The green and red icons indicate whether or not there are seating areas available at that catering establishment and exactly how many seating areas are available.


When you click on one of the catering establishments, you will see a page that provides you with certain information, including Covid-measurements, a description of the catering establishment, contact details and a button 'make a reservation'. This button will refer you to the webpage of the catering establishment, where a reservation can be made. 


On the homepage it is possible to filter the results on most space, popularity and location. 


If the user has made an account, it will also be possible to pin certain catering establishments and locations. These will then be shown at the top of the list when opening the application. 

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